Midnight HVAC Review

I am writing this now because it is 12:27 am, and a few minutes ago, I heard someone call while we were in the middle of our VERY limited summer time together. It was another man on speaker phone needing help, the sound of his voice made it clear that we were not his first call. He then went on about how he tried everything himself to fix it to no avail, that he has several very young children and needed help tonight. My heart sunk, my husband looked at me, I nodded, and I watched my husband run out the door once again. But instead of being resentful like I used to be, I watched him run out and felt a sense of pride. He is my version of a hero.

NOW HEAR ME OUT: I know there are women all the time that post about how hard their men work as a firefighter, a husband in the military, maybe a paramedic, police officer, etc., and they all talk about how hard they work and how they don’t get paid enough to do what they do, and that is SO true. BUT I am here to tell you, a job that doesn’t get enough credit ( you will probably roll your eyes at me) is a man who works in the brutal over 100 degree Texas heat (120 to 140 degrees in your attic) and saves you when you have a heating or air conditioning problem.

He then comes home after a FULL day in that kind of heat, lays in bed completely exhausted and dehydrated, praying he gets a night of uninterrupted sleep, and then someone calls at midnight. HE TRULY DOESN’T SLEEP! Now mind you, he can reasonably not answer or say he is too busy, but not my husband. He worries it will be a baby or possibly an older man or woman, and instead of telling them no when he honestly could, he feels terrible, looks at me, and says he has to go.

THIS interruption to our lives used to make me angry, but now I know it is his way of helping others, why he puts his body and mind through literal hell, and how he as a human positively contributes to the world in his own way. How can I possibly be mad at that!? I am one proud wife!

Amy Dunaway