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When preparing for spring, you probably think of cleaning out the closets or the garage, packing the winter clothes, breaking out the trusty flip-flops, or planting your flower garden, not maintaining your air conditioning system to prevent costly AC repairs in the middle of the hot summer. With your “to-do list” spilling over to a second page, it is easy to start prioritizing certain things while other essential items slide down the list. Don’t let your heating and air conditioning maintenance be one of those forgotten to-dos!

Many people who want to save time and money might also be the type that resets their “oil change light” or lets it stay on for weeks before taking their car in for regular maintenance; if this sounds like you, then this article is for you! We often think that if we pay a lot of money for something, then we expect that item to last forever with little to no maintenance. However, if you ask any classic car owner, they will tell you that the secret to their car lasting decades longer than other automobiles on the street is to find a good mechanic and bring the vehicle in regularly for tune-ups. The same principle applies to your home’s HVAC system and how to prevent expensive AC repairs!

After three straight winters of record-breaking temps, snow, and ice here in North Texas, it is time to ensure your heating and air conditioning system is still in good working order to prevent future AC repair costs. Over time, debris and particles can clog your ducts and filters after extensive use. Preventative maintenance will not only keep your system from accruing costly AC repairs but also help lower your energy bills, reduce strain on expensive components, and keep your home free from allergens.

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Inflation is affecting more than the price of eggs and milk these days. Some of the monthly expenses that have risen the fastest are electric and propane costs. As energy prices go up, you may want to consider balancing the effects by turning off the TV when you leave the room, seeing if your dryer can dry your clothes in 45 minutes instead of the hour you used to use, changing your lightbulbs to LEDs, and experimenting with solar panels. All of these are significant steps to balance your budget, but did you know that simply changing your HVAC air filter can drastically reduce the load on your heating and cooling system, save you on AC repairs, and save you money every month? Unfortunately, your air filter isn’t the only place where dust and grit can accumulate in the unseen recesses of your home. These particles work against the aerodynamics of your system and can cause severe drag or turbulence that strains your ventilation components. The harder it is for your HVAC system to push air through its ducts, the more electricity it pulls from the meter.

If you have allergies or keep pets in your house, the challenges your system faces to deliver clean and comfortable air consistently are even more significant! Letting a Custom Climates technician clean your system is a great way to keep it running smoothly and efficiently and prevent a costly AC repair in the future.

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Using the previous example, can you imagine the damage caused if we never changed the oil in our cars? The same rules apply to our homes. Multiple moving parts within your HVAC system must be oiled, recharged, and tested regularly. Electrical components can last many years if the conditions are correct, but if ignored, they will fail. With changes in distribution and demand in the last few years, critical components may be unavailable, back ordered, or not produced anymore. Letting a qualified technician maintain your system this spring can save you thousands of dollars in costly AC repairs and ensure that your family won’t face an AC crisis as we approach another brutally hot Texas summer.

You don’t have to do the spring cleaning by yourself. Call Custom Climates to schedule an appointment today!