AC Repair

It’s getting close to spring and temperatures in Texas are warming up fast. Custom Climates wants to make sure your air conditioner is ready to handle the upcoming brutal temperatures of summer and save you money. Here are some easy tips that you can do yourself in order to save yourself a costly AC repair and/or make sure your air conditioner is running as efficiently as possible.

  1. Visually inspect your outdoor AC unit – The following steps can significantly reduce stress on your AC unit, preventing future AC repair and high energy bills.
    1. Walk around your AC unit and make sure that all debris, leaves, and branches are cleared away from the unit.
    2. Cut back any bushes within 2 feet of your air conditioner to make sure you are getting maximum airflow.
    3. Use a water hose to spray down the coils.
    4. If you notice anything off about your air conditioner, call us as soon as possible to check it out immediately. A small problem tends to become a much bigger problem if not addressed early on.
  2. Replace the filter – Many people don’t realize something as little as a dirty AC filter can prevent your air conditioner from working as well as it should. A dirty AC filter will make your air conditioner work harder and be less effective at heating or cooling your home. This also costs you more money on your electric bill and increases the need for AC repairs later on. Make sure you replace the filter every 60-90 days, especially before switching from heating to cooling. You may also consider upgrading your AC filter to a high efficiency filter. It not only helps your AC unit to run better, but makes the air cleaner, your home less dusty and full of allergens, and prevents future AC repair.
  3. Upgrade to a smart AC thermostat – Using a smart programmable AC thermostat can reduce your energy costs by optimizing temperature controls both at home and away. Set your desired temperature to auto adjust during the day for when you are not home and at night for better sleep quality. Going on vacation? No problem. You can control your temperature in your home 24/7 with the simple use of an app on your phone. Custom Climates can replace your thermostat for you and start saving you money right away.
  4. Test the cooling function – Turn on your air conditioner to the cooling cycle before temperatures get hot to make sure things are running smoothly. If there’s an issue, you want to have that addressed as soon as possible by a licensed professional. Again, diagnosing air conditioning problems early can cost you less in AC repairs and save you on energy costs.
  5. Have an AC Preventative Maintenance Service Contract The #1 thing you can do to make sure your home or business maintains a comfortable climate year around, save on energy costs, and AC repairs is to have an annual service contract with a reputable heating and air conditioning company. At Custom Climates, when you purchase a service contract we will get you a technician out to your house twice a year. During the bi-annual visits, we will make sure your unit is running as efficient as possible and diagnose any issues early on while they are still small.
Preventative Maintenance Plan includes:
  • Spring and fall cleaning check

  • Evaluate and clean coils when needed

  • Check refrigerant levels

  • Check all wiring and controls

  • Check amp drawls on motors

  • Check overall system performance and drain lines

  • Clean flame sensors, vacuum ports, and heat exchangers

  • Preferred Service and Discounted Rates

Custom Climates has a very affordable plan that will give you the peace of mind you need and can extend the life of your unit by years. The cost is just $140 per year for the first system and $80 per year per additional system.